Sunday 6 March 2016

Adelyn's eye condition in early 2016

Dear all friends,

Thank you for your concern for Adelyn all these while.

We are sad to say that Adelyn's cornea transplants had rejected.

All these years, as a mum, I had tried my best to give Adelyn the best treatment for her eyes.

Adelyn was also very happy that she had the oppointunty to 'see' this world for about 18 months.

Today, her cornea on both eyes had rejected. Her vision was back to those day when she only can see shadow. Adelyn is mentally prepared for this day to come.

We are grateful that she had such oppointunty, even just a short period, to see this world.

As there are many pro & con on her eye condition, we had decided not to do anymore transplant for her eyes. Over the last year, she had underwent lot of pains due to her eye conditions.

For her both eyes, one of them is getting high eye pressure, while the other is just opposite. As such, she still need to go for treatment very often to control the eye pressure.

I thank God that she was mentally very strong to go thru these treatments.

Now, I just hope that she will be happy & healthy in her life. Hope to continue to see her cheerful face everyday.

We thank everyone here for your love and concern for her.
Please continue to pray for her . Thank you very much.

May God bless you.

Mary & Adelyn

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