Saturday 9 May 2015

Adelyn's New Album " I can SEE!"

Adelyn's passion for composing music led her wanting to show her appreciation towards her mum by producing new music pieces. This second album was produced to show her appreciation towards her mum, to give her an opportunity to see this world.  

Since 2012, Adelyn had her artificial cornea transplants. She had restored her vision about 10%-20% of a normal vision. She is able to see a clearer layout of her surrounding. Sometimes, even can move around on her own without any help. 

However, in July 2014 to March 2015, several incidents had happened on her eyes. Rejection of cornea, eye infection & high eye pressure etc. She had again underwent a few more operations. 

Adelyn's mum feels upset each time she sent her for an operation.

Mum asked: Do you think mummy had made a wrong decision by sending you for operation from the first time?

Adelyn said: Mummy, you need not feel bad.I'm contented to be able to see, even if it's only for a while! 

In this new album, a new piece 'I See It !', is a piece to describe her feeling at the moment when she was able to see rain drops one night.

This album is for sale at $15 each. Thank you for your support towards Adelyn, all this years.

You may email me ( your interest of purchase with your address, and I will post the CD to you. meanwhile, you can transfer the payment to Adelyn's account : 

POSB saving: 075-00617-9

Thank you very much. May God blessed you and your loves one


  1. Hi Adelyn. I am Farhana, a soon-to-be 3rd year student from Republic Polytechnic. The reason for me contacting you here is that my group mates and I are doing a short documentary for our Short Media Production Module. It's about what it is like to be blind in Singapore. I heard about you through the news and also on television and thought that you're the right person to be interviewed. We would like to know if you'd be willing to be interviewed by us for our school project. I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. You may contact me through my number @ 94607090 or my personal email:

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