Wednesday 26 June 2013

26 Jun update on Second ops

Dear Caring friends,

Times flies! Is almost a month after Adelyn's second operation.

This time round, Adelyn is recovering better and faster than the first time. She is able to focus on things after 2 weeks of her operation. She do not feel any discomfort as soon as after her first week of operation.

After 3 check up, Dr Ang had told me that everything on her eyes look good, and her eyes pressure are at normal level. (if her eyes pressure is high, that will be bad for her)

I had attached few photos on how far she is able to focus and what can she do.

Adelyn's well progress is a blessing from everyone. All of you had created a miracle, and given her a second new life! You had made a big turning point in Adelyn and my family's life.

I, on behalf of my family, sincerely thank all of you for making this changes.

May all of you be blessed with all goodness too!

Warmest regards,
Mary & Children
                                           Can see the pink ball
                                            Can see her sister
                                           Can see and play with pink ball

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