Friday 15 February 2013

16 Feb Updates

Dear all caring friends,

This is a very special new year for Adelyn and me.

Adelyn had said a few things that had touched my heart.

1) Once, she stood in the middle of our living room and said "Mummy, so this is how the living room look like. This is the place I had been staying for 10 years, and finally I can see how it look like!"

2) A plate of simple instant noodles was brought infront of her. She said "Mummy, I can see how my favorite noodles' colors! Wow, my plate of noodles so colourful ( different veggie and carrot added).

3) Her two little sisters walking infront of her. She able to tell who is Angelyn & Amelyn based on their height.

4) She able to let go my hand and walked behind me in a arm length.

ALL the above are just a minor, simple and usual things that all of us able to do it. But for Adelyn, she had been through 10 years of blindness and finally able to see these SIMPLE AND USUAL things around her. She maybe just feel happy and surprise, but I am feeling very touch, happy and sad.

We really have to appreciate what we have. Things might be simple and natural to many of us, but remember to appreciate it cos we do not know when we will lose it. Believe in MIRACLES !

Warmest regards,
Mary Lim


  1. Congrats Adelyn!!! Best wishes for your family :D
    Love life (:

  2. I feel very happy and touched at the same time for Adelyn and family!!! All the very best to y'all & continue to love life ;)
    Will definitely believe in miracles from now onwards, thank you!

  3. Congrats Adelyn !!!

    I must say that this is something many of us have been praying and looking forward to.

    Strive on, Adelyn !!!!