Sunday 28 October 2012

29 Oct Little Dream Updates

Dear Caring people,

Adelyn's operation is on 14 Nov 2012. 

I will continue to update you the progress of the eye operation as it goes.

Once again, thank you for all supports and blessing towards Adelyn!!    

This humbling experience has shown me to believe in the human spirit through the Language of Kindness nationally and internationally. Our prayers have been answered as a local foundation we met a few weeks ago has agreed to fund Adelyn's eye operations. It is a wonderful news. Also from the sale of proceeds "Little Dreams" CDs we have achieved over the $80k and we are donating the excess $2.4k to two needy families.
My once tears of pain are now tears of joy-it has been emotional and sentimental journey for us.
Adelyn and I hope to contribute to the society apart from performing at the President Star Charity but through other means within our capability.
Meanwhile we now concluded the CDs sale with a heartfelt thanks to each of you that contributes to this project. May blessing be showered upon you.
Love always,
Mary and children”

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