Sunday 23 September 2012

23 Sep Little Dream updates

Dear caring people,
Adelyn and I are overwhelmed by the responses, some from overseas and some came to visit Adelyn. We are really touched by your kind heart, wishes and encouragement as hope was once drifting away.
Now 2 weeks on since Adelyn's story went live on the media, as the mother, we are obliged to give you an update. As a single mother with 3 young children, this project Little Dream wouldn't have kicked off without the passion and love of a foreign couple, together with a group of caring individuals of Standard Chartered Private Bank staff. We are blessed as this project is further supported by my trusted friends, local communities, the medias and you. No words can ever describe how grateful we are to have you come forward - Thank you.
For Adelyn's eyes operation cost, we target to achieve $80k, and we have to-date received over $67k. Deposit has been made to the specialist and a date has been fixed for Adelyn - 14th Nov. This is a new journey for Adelyn and as a family but the great difference is we have your love, support and encouragement in this journey... we will not be by ourselves.

My sincere apology as there may be delay in responding  or overlook to some of your emails while I am in arrangement to produce more CDs. Thank you for your understanding, I will respond to you as soon as I can.
Mary & Adelyn
Ps: I have requested help with the above update and have endorsed it.


  1. great to hear that, I am waiting for the new batch of CD. please let me know once available. thanks.
    Marcus kong

  2. That's good news ! Never give up hopes, no matter how hard it is.

    We will be waiting for your new batch of CD, will follow up on your blog promptly.

    Do give an update on the medical procedure on 14 Nov, we wish little Adelyn all the best !!!

  3. CD is ready, pls email me for details. Thanks

  4. Hi

    My mum wish to purchase a copy of the CD. Pls email me at

  5. Hi Mary,

    Me and my friends are interested in getting 34 CDs. Please contact me at


  6. hi,

    Is the CD still available? I wish to get 1. Thank you!


  7. Hi Mary,

    Can I get a copy of the CD?



  8. Hi, you may send me a email for CD matter.

    Thank you,
    Mary Lim (Adelyn's mum)